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My Services

Nutritional Counseling

Our experienced dietitians offer one-on-one nutritional counseling sessions.

Personalized Nutrition Plans

Benefit from regular check-ins and adjustments to ensure your success.

Sports Nutrition Programs

Athletes, take your performance to the next level with our sports nutrition programs.

Weight Management

We provide personalized strategies that focus on sustainable weight loss or weight gain, depending on your needs.

Specialized Dietary Plans

Our expertise can help you manage these conditions while still enjoying delicious and satisfying meals.

Recipe Modification

Love to cook? We can help modify your favorite recipes to make them healthier without sacrificing flavor.

How we work

For optimal efficiency, guests can opt for self-checkout by leaving the key inside. Prior to the next check-in, I’ll arrive 2-3 hours beforehand to photograph the checkout, perform cleaning duties, and hand over the key to the new guest while collecting dirty linens/towels.

Of course, you can also request my presence for the checkout, particularly in rare cases where guests leave a substantial mess or damage that requires preparation. The choice is yours.

New on airbnb?

If you’re new to Airbnb, I offer a comprehensive package for €100, including assistance with setting up your account, taking photos, crafting compelling descriptions, and publishing your listing on Airbnb.

Subsequently, you have the option to manage guest selection and communication yourself, or delegate this task to me for a fixed fee of €10 per booking.

In the rare event of damage caused by a guest, I provide support in handling disputes with Airbnb, coordinating repairs with relevant companies, and compiling invoices for submission to Airbnb for a refund, all for a fixed fee of €50 per case. Rest assured, in my 8 years of Airbnb experience, such incidents have occurred only once, involving a guest who caused damage and hosted a party in the house.